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Maison Belfield

What is Maison Belfield

What is the Maison Belfield?

Maison Belfield is, the only centre of its kind in North America. In addition to being a residence, it offers a wide variety of educational activities and integration programs for former inmates and people battling addictions.

What makes Maison Belfield unique is that it caters to your roots, culture and needs. And all this under one roof!.

How does Maison Belfield operate?

Very harmoniously!

During your stay at Maison Belfield, you will learn how to reintegrate yourself into society both professionally and socially.

Living amongst one big family, you will be able to get back on your feet and create a respectable life for yourself.

How does Maison Belfield operate
Where is Maison Belfield

Where is the Maison Belfield?

In Montreal

Maison Belfield is a safe and reliable establishment maintained by a professional multilingual devoted staff. The staff includes ; a director, an administrator, a manager a clinical councillor, educators and Rabbis, who will go out of their way to make you feel at home.

What does Maison Belfield offer?

Hope to solve your problems

A shelter, a family, a job, a better life, and good values. A place in your community.

What does Maison Belfield offer?
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