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Our Mission

Maison Belfield is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to reach out to current and ex-inmates and to train, rehabilitate and reintegrate them into their community so that they can become productive members of society. It provides ex-inmates and individuals who are battling different addictions and challenges, with a unique opportunity to live in a supervised group home in a residential setting. Maison Belfield strives to prepare its participants for reintegration into society by teaching them how to cope with the responsibilities and challenges of a free and open society. It guides its clients in building and managing a constructive lifestyle.

Maison Belfield is nonsectarian and open to all inmates and ex inmates who correspond to our mission and who will abide and respect our integration and rehabilitation framework and values.

Maison Belfield is affiliated with Chabad Lubavitch youth organization of Montreal and with the worldwide Chabad Lubavitch Organization. Chabad Lubavitch has branches in over 80 countries worldwide and is involved in all aspects of life. It offers humanitarian, social, educational, cultural, recreational and religious programs for all ages and all backgrounds.

Maison Belfield works collaboratively with its sister organization Centre Chabad Chabanel which provides to the community many services including a subsidized community restaurant, daily and monthly luncheons, holiday celebrations, educational publications, a resource center, daily prayers, counseling and a number of other services. Through Centre Chabad Chabanel, Maison Belfield has access to numerous companies in the Chabanel garment industry, offering many opportunities for employment, social reintegration and community rehabilitation.

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